About us

We started off with the idea of making the most of our network in order to help young students in Togo. What was founded as a single school project of 3 friends in 2010 has now grown to a stable organization with a team in Austria and one in Togo. We are a bunch of motivated, committed professionals from Vienna who try to use their skills and network as well as their enthusiasm to help other less fortunate young people. This creates a different kind of perspective for our own lives, the lives of our friends and especially the lives of our students in Togo. We are supported by our daughter association, which is headquartered in Sokodé/Togo and led by local people. In addition, we work in close cooperation with the US Peace Corps and their volunteers who represent our direct connection to the villages where our schools are situated.

How it all began

It all began when two friends – Thommy and Hannes – went to the US to study at the University of Texas, where they met Katy.
Fast forward three years: Katy is volunteering in Togo with the Peace Corps and Thommy decides to visit what in the meanwhile became a close friend. During a meeting with a local village chief, Thommy learns that the community urgently would need a school but lacks the fund to build one. Asking how much money they would need, Thommy finds out that the amount would be a comparatively modest EUR 15,000.
Back in Europe, he can’t stop thinking about his experience in Togo and his long talks with Katy and the village chief. His thoughts start to rotate around a single sum: 15,000 Euro – that is all it needs to build a school and help children to have a brighter future!
Deciding that this must be possible, he turns to his old friend Hannes who immediately is hooked. Together, they vow to bring up the money to start building a school in time. After a lot of brainstorming sessions, they register a society in Austria, “Education Togo”, and kick-start their fundraising efforts. Their friend Katy, who still stays a full year in Sokode, promises to keep in touch with the locals and to be our guide to all things in Togo.
One year later the school is built and pupils are already attending classes in a new and wonderful building.
After the big success of the first project Thommy and Hannes thought that this can not be the end of the organization. There was still so much potential and need to help. So they decided to continue and expand the team a little bit with Diana.
In September 2011, the team got a new project in Bougabou. So they immediately started with fundraising to arrange the budget. This time the school generated costs of 20,000 Euros because they also installed a solar power system on the roof to provide basic lighting. The construction of the school was finished in March 2012. A big success for the young team. But that is still not the end. They decided that they wanted to continue with more work on a regular basis. See more under Projects