Happy 5th Birthday, Education Togo!

Rather than starting with what we have achieved during these five years, we first would like to thank each and everyone who has been supporting us in making Education Togo what it is today ‚Äì a success story! It would not have been possible without you, THANK YOU! With your help we were able to […]

School Garden at CEG Salimde

We started to set up a school garden at one of our middle schools in Salimde! To gain practical knowledge in gardening our volunteer Pia and the Peace Corps volunteer Jessica offer an afterschool activity in addition to the compulsory in-class course “agriculture”. Despite the hard work in a garden which also includes building a […]

Construction of our 5th school building started!

Our 5th school is being built in Yara Kabye – thanks to the great support of “Frau in der Wirtschaft” and Rotary Club Grieskirchen!

Library Opening in Kalanga

Thanks to the great support of our sponsor Kremsmueller, it was possible to establish a fully equipped library for the pupils of Kalanga and the neighboring communities. The school library was funded within the social responsibility programme “Kremsmueller 4 Life”.    

Charity Cocktail Grieskirchen

Grieskirchen, May 27, 2015: “Frau in der Wirtschaft” and Rotary Club organised a charity art auction for the benefit of Education Togo. The location, “Sichtbar”, was crowded, and funding for an entire school construction could be raised. We are really overwhelmed by the enormous response to this event. THANK YOU so much “Frau in der […]

Our 4th school building in Togo has been completed!

Construction workin Kalangha has been completed, our 4th school building in Togohas beenfinished! The community is very excited, teachers and students can’t wait to start their classes in the new building. More photos coming soon…  

Construction on school to be completed soon!

What is needed most now,is money to buy books. Please help us with your donation to buy books for thekids and teachers in Kalanga!

School building in Kalanga almost finished!

Construction work in Kalanga is going well. We are very happy with the progress of the building (it’s almost finished) andeveryone is excited to see the building in use soon.

International Women’s Day / Journee internationale de la femme

Education Togo has celebrated International Women’s Day 2015on March 8 in Sokode. Education Togo a celebre la journee internationale de la femme le 8 Mars 2015 √† Sokode.

School construction in Kalanga has already started!

Construction of our 4th school in Togo has already started! In Kalanga, everyone is working hard to make this project a reality and the construction work is moving along smoothly. However, we still need your support to help the school buy books. As the school community is growing quickly, the budget is not permitting them […]