100 school scholarships for girls in Togo

The team of Education Togo is more than delighted to announce that our scholarship fundraising campaign has been successfully completed via respekt.net. Thanks to the generous contributions of 40 donors the needed amount of 1.687 Euros was raised in less than 2 months.

The donations translated into 100 school scholarships will enable 100 girls from Togo to start or continue their formal education. Aside from the creation of educational infrastructure Education Togo has intensified its efforts in enhancing education opportunities for girls by setting up school scholarships. Since the introduction of the annual scholarship institution back in 2011, Education Togo has managed to enable education for hundreds of girls while it is currently supporting 300 stipendiaries at all six school locations built and managed under the auspices of Education Togo.

Education Togo goes Togo!

In May this year, we finally made it to Togo again! Three of our team members travelled to Togo in order to visit our schools and communities – and to take part at the opening ceremony of our latrines at C.E.G. Salimde.

During our visits, we were able to talk to students, teachers as well as parents. One main goal of our trip was to keep forwarding our key message to our students – which is that a good education is very important and it can help you achieve all of your dreams, no matter how poor or how rich you grow up. However, it was also important to us to not only transfer this message to students only, but also to their parents in order to have them support their children in this matter. Teachers presented us with the latest developments in their schools and gave us insights into current matters in and around daily school life. At the moment, electricity, water and school material (especially books) are the biggest concerns of schools in Togo. With electricity, they could improve the teaching conditions in the evenings, for example during seminars or tutoring units. A school fountain would provide the school community with direct access to water so they don’t have to walk many kilometres for the next accessible well. At last, having enough books available is essential to ensure effective teaching.

In addition to the school visits, we also met up with other organisations in order to talk about potential sponsoring projects and collaborations.

We came back to Austria with lots of new ideas and projects for the future and hopefully you can see the results very soon. See below some pictures of our amazing trip! 🙂




National day of Togo in Vienna

To celebrate the national day of Togo, the Togolese honorary consul in Austria, Erich Szabo, invited us to a celebration at the Grand Hotel in Vienna on April 26th. Besides us, our friends from Tailoring Togo and many more people who engage in Togo attended the event that day. Thank you for the invitation and the lovely celebration, and thanks for honouring us during your opening speech! We are proud to be part of this community! It was nice to have the opportunity to exchange with other organisations, build up our network, and enjoy the day honouring Togo.




International Worker’s Day: 1st of May 2018

One of Education Togo’s main goals is the empowerment of women in our communities. Therefore, we are running five associations of savings banks, where groups of women pay a share every end of the week. At some point, they are permitted to take out a grant if they need funding for a special investment. The bank-project is self-financing and independent, Education Togo only has to provide technical assistance.

On the 1st of May, the International Worker’s Day, our communities reflected on the progress made so far and remembered the importance of promoting independence and entrepreneurship amongst women. This project is meant to support our women in achieving these goals for themselves as well as for their daughters.

We are looking forward to watch these groups grow bigger and bigger and see the positive outcome of their work.



New project to improve the infrastructure in our communities: Latrines in Salimde

Beginning of March, we commissioned a new project in Togo: Building latrines next to our school in Salimde. The idea behind this project is to offer a more comfortable school day to our students since especially for girls, not having a toilet facility close by is a big issue. The latrines will eliminate this problem and also enforce sustainability.

In the following months we will plan more of these sanitary projects for other schools in Togo.


Renovations at C.E.G. Bougabou

Due to severe weather, some of the school’s interior as well as parts of the building were damaged and needed to be repaired and replaced. The renovations are fully under way so the school can be reopened in its new look shortly and our students can go back to class soon.

Since many of the school benches have been damaged so they need to be replaced as well, a new sponsorship opportunity will come up in the next few weeks.


Happy International Women’s Day 2018 !

On March 8th, people all over the world celebrated women’s day. We honoured this day by teaching special lessons in our schools in Togo. The girls learned about having self-confidence, how having a proper school education is important for their future and that a degree can help them have an independent life as grown-ups. We want our girls to grow up and become strong and independent women – which is why we keep encouraging them to live their dreams, believe in themselves and pursue their goals no matter how hard life can be. Here are some impressions of their day:




Cooperation with “The Force”: It’s almost halftime!

Five months ago, we announced our partnership with “The Force” who offered two of our girls the opportunity to get a degree in tailoring and batik. During these months, the girls have been very motivated and productive and improved their skills in this field a great deal. Soon they will reach halftime of their apprenticeship and we are looking forward to follow up on their work in Kpalime in their last few months as well. Take a look at some of their great work in the pictures below (they even made a fabric with our logo on it 🙂 )


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

The year is coming to an end & we at Education Togo want to say thank you to all our supporters this year! We are really grateful for your help and very proud of what we achieved in 2017. There are already many new things planned for next year and we can’t wait to show you our ideas!


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Education Togo is hiring!

We are currently looking for a volunteer intern to help us with administrative tasks, fundraising activities and a lot of other interesting projects. Have a look at our job advertisement and feel free to contact us (neda@educationtogo.org) if you are interested:


Education Togo_Inserat_Praktikum (PDF)


Come be part of our amazing team! We are looking forward to your applications! 🙂