Teresa in Togo

Our newest Education Togo member Teresa went to Togo at the end of February to work on some of our projects until the end of May. We wanted to share a small “review” of her first few weeks in Togo and show how she experienced the new environment, the new culture and especially the new people:

The Togolese people welcomed her with a lot of joy and openness. Everyone wants to talk to her, everybody smiles at her – and everyone wants to know why she is so white! 😛

So far she has visited three of our Education Togo schools, where she was able to talk to the school directors and teachers about current matters. The students were also very excited to meet her and be able to talk to her. In addition to that, she also attended several events already: Weddings, funerals or the “International Day of Women” – and she even received some marriage proposals herself 😛

Teresa is living with a Togolese family at the moment, which is an incredible opportunity since she is able to get the “real” Togolese experience. They teach her typical traditions of Togo as well as how to prepare food the Togolese way. She also immediately noticed the nice colorful dresses that women wear in Togo – which kind of also reflects their joyful way of life J.

Driving a cab in Togo is also a real adventure – in most cases, if you drive in a 5-seat car, there will be more than 5 people in the car – a LOT more! Teresa’s record so far was driving in a normal car with 13 people inside (!).

Right now, it is incredibly hot in Togo – which for a European is quite a challenge in the beginning. However, even the Togolese people are currently complaining about it, since not even at night it cools down to temperatures lower than 30 degrees Celsius.

We hope Teresa will keep making these incredible experiences and will also be able to help us work on a lot of project tasks so we can continue helping our communities in Togo!