Our Batik girls are starting their own business!

One and a half years ago we started a cooperation with our partners at Tailoring Togo. They run a training center in Togo where we started sending some of our girls to in order to get a one year education in how to do batik. Sadia and Munifa were our first two girls to start with this project in September 2017. They both successfully finished their training in summer 2018 and are currently working on opening up their own batik business. In order to do so we supported them with a micro loan so they are able to build up an independent business and hopefully soon no longer have to rely on any financial aid from us. We are also currently trying to help them find a suitable place in the city of Sokodé where they can work on their batik and sell their pieces. Sustainable development is one of the values at Education Togo and we try to create this with all our projects.

After the great success of this project and the help of our wonderful supporters we also sent two new girls to the training center once again this school year.

Newest member of the Education Togo team Teresa is currently in Togo to take a closer look at all of our projects. She also visited Sadia and Munifa in Sokodé and even tried to print some of the fabrics herself.