Inauguration of our new school in Gassi-Gassi

On October 11th, our sixth middle school in Togo finally opened its doors. We are very proud to present you “C.E.G. Gassi-Gassi”, a school located in the centre of Togo.

The project was carried out with the help of a local architect, the community of Gassi-Gassi and the US Peace Corps Organisation (who also contributed a share of the costs). Thanks to innovative ideas of the new architect we now have an even better, more efficient and sustainable school building for our students.

Feel free to have a look at the school on our website ( to find out more details about the project.







IT training and scholarships

In addition to building schools we also provide the local communities in Togo with extra trainings and financial support for educational purposes. Here are two updates on these topics:

  1. In Togo, especially girls don’t always have the opportunity to get proper education due to cultural and financial reasons. However, as we want to make sure that families also send girls to school, we continued our scholarship programme which we initiated in 2011 and recently provided 290 girls with scholarships for the upcoming school term. See pictures of some of these girls below!
  2. As every year during the summer holidays, we organised a computer training for 30 young girls from our communities. At this training the girls learned how to use a computer, how to read and write e-mails and how to create Microsoft Office documents in order to have the ability to write applications, research the World Wide Web and communicate with other people around the globe. See pictures of the training below!







Cooperation with “The Force”

This year, we had an exciting cooperation with another Vienna-based NGO working in Togo. Our partners at “The Force” have recently opened their first Education Center in Kpalime which offers free diploma courses for girls in Tailoring and Batik. We at Education Togo got the opportunity to send two of our former students to this center and they are very motivated and excited to begin their 12-months education. The costs of the training are covered by The Force, all living expenses for the girls (around 540‚Ǩ/girl in total) will be paid by two of our private sponsors whom we hereby want to thank very kindly. This training will give the girls an opportunity to find a good job in the future and – above all – to live an independent life on their own. If you are interested in more information about this project, visit the website or the Facebook page of “Tailoring Togo”.

(Photo: The Force)