New project to improve the infrastructure in our communities: Latrines in Salimde

Beginning of March, we commissioned a new project in Togo: Building latrines next to our school in Salimde. The idea behind this project is to offer a more comfortable school day to our students since especially for girls, not having a toilet facility close by is a big issue. The latrines will eliminate this problem and also enforce sustainability.

In the following months we will plan more of these sanitary projects for other schools in Togo.


Renovations at C.E.G. Bougabou

Due to severe weather, some of the school’s interior as well as parts of the building were damaged and needed to be repaired and replaced. The renovations are fully under way so the school can be reopened in its new look shortly and our students can go back to class soon.

Since many of the school benches have been damaged so they need to be replaced as well, a new sponsorship opportunity will come up in the next few weeks.


Happy International Women’s Day 2018 !

On March 8th, people all over the world celebrated women’s day. We honoured this day by teaching special lessons in our schools in Togo. The girls learned about having self-confidence, how having a proper school education is important for their future and that a degree can help them have an independent life as grown-ups. We want our girls to grow up and become strong and independent women – which is why we keep encouraging them to live their dreams, believe in themselves and pursue their goals no matter how hard life can be. Here are some impressions of their day:




Cooperation with “The Force”: It’s almost halftime!

Five months ago, we announced our partnership with “The Force” who offered two of our girls the opportunity to get a degree in tailoring and batik. During these months, the girls have been very motivated and productive and improved their skills in this field a great deal. Soon they will reach halftime of their apprenticeship and we are looking forward to follow up on their work in Kpalime in their last few months as well. Take a look at some of their great work in the pictures below (they even made a fabric with our logo on it 🙂 )