International Women’s Day / Journee internationale de la femme

Education Togo has celebrated International Women’s Day 2015on March 8 in Sokode.

Education Togo a celebre la journee internationale de la femme le 8 Mars 2015 à Sokode.

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School construction in Kalanga has already started!

Construction of our 4th school in Togo has already started!

In Kalanga, everyone is working hard to make this project a reality and the construction work is moving along smoothly.

However, we still need your support to help the school buy books. As the school community is growing quickly, the budget is not permitting them to buyall the books the students need. Currently, even some teachers do nothave the books they need to teach with.

You can help with your donation or by buying your stuff from Amazon via the link on our website:


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