Our 4th school in Togo in 2015 AND your donations are now tax-deductible!

Dear friends and supporters of Education Togo,

It has been a while since we had news, but we saved a little to have even better news: 1st WE WILL DO IT AGAIN! We are going to build our 4thschool in Togo in 2015! 2nd we are happy to announce that we are one of the few Austrian associations that are tax privileged. It has been a hell of a process but from now on, whatever you, your family or your company donates can be deducted from your tax payable. Now we are asking for your help!If you would like to donate to a charity while knowing exactly where your money goes, please support us!

You can find more information onwww.educationtogo.org. Save transaction fees and make a direct transfer to our bank account: IBAN = AT371515000501237465, BIC = OBKLAT2L

Thank you so much and have a joyful holiday season!