Over 9,000 Euro collected – in just a couple of weeks!

Thanks to everyone who donated so far! We have exciting news – we have broken the 9,000 Euro barrier and are inching towards the 10,000 Euro! Do you think we are able to break it by new years eve? Thanks again everyone, your donations will make this school reality soon – now we are able to start construction beginning of February!

Christmas Donation

Thanks to the employees of They made a company wide christmas fundraiser and donated 1.000 €!!! In addition the Management donated generosly as well!!!

Thank you all so much!!!

Merry Christmas

Thank you all for more than 7.500 € in less than a month!! We are half way there!!!

This is a wonderful christmas present!!!

Joyful christmas celebrations to all of you and your families!!!

Picture of site and status

We just got pictures of the site where the school is going to be built! The local community designated and cleared the land a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t it a wonderful site for a school?

Also we are amazed by all the donations! We went through the 6.000 Euro so fast!! This is unreal!! It has only been less than a month and we almost have 50% of the total amount ready!!

Thank you so much!! This is your effort and your generosity!!!

Let us try to reach the 10k this year!!! Please give a christmas gift for the kids in Togo!!!

Joyful christmas holidays to all of you!!!

Amazon Donate

We have now set up a cooperation with amazon. If you click the Amazon-Button in our Donate section and do your christmas shopping through that, Amazon donates 5% of your purchase volume towards our project and therefore to the school in Togo!!

Please do that and double the good effect of your X-mas presents!!

Thank you!!

Like Sponsor

Thanks to Team Winter we now have a like sponsor.
www.teamwinter.at is going to donate 1€ per like on our facebook page up to the 500th like!!
Please tell your friends to like us on facebook! You can do that via our facebook plugin on the page or through our Facebook Page. Click here!


Amazing!! 4.000!! What a weekend!!

We just passed the 4.000 Euro!! This is so amazing!!! Thank you all so much for the support and the donations!!! You are unbelievable!!

WOHOOO!! 3.000 Euros raised

Wow!! Amazing!! We hit the 3.000 Euro!!! This is 20% of what we need!! Way to go!! Thank you all so much for the wonderful support!!
Please keep on spreading the word!!

Thanks for Karlis Graduation

Congratulation for your graduation Karli Molzer!! Your present contributed 50€ to the school in Togo!

we are now on – betterplace.org

We have set up our project on betterplace.org to raise more attention.


Check it out and support us!!