News from Togo – They are getting the site ready

We received an Email from Katy today:

Also I had a great day today and I had to tell you. So last week I
went to see the CEG site to take photos. The site is definitely big
enough but I was a little surprised to see that it was basically
covered in jungle plants. I got a little worried wondering how long
it would take to clear this land – honestly it looked like it could
take a month – and thought I would talk to the community about
starting to clear it now. I was in a hurry so I didnt talk to anyone
that day thinking I would go this Saturday to talk to them.

So flash forward to yesterday when the cheif called me and said they
wanted to show me something and asked if I could come today. So I
went today to Salimde and they brought me to the site. Thommy they
had cleared the entire thing without me even mentioning it. I just
stood there in shock. They said they wanted to show me how motivated
the were so that I would know they were behind the project. I still
dont know how they cleared it all so fast.

With all the work you are doing I thought you would like to hear that.

I think this should give us even more motivation!!!!

Thank you!!! More than 2.000 € in 5 days

Amazing – over 2000 Euro in less than 5 days collected!

Thanks everyone for making this amazingstart possible. As of today (1st of December, 2010), we have collected 2,177 Euro (ca. USD 3,000) in donations!

We haven’t even gone officially live with the website and have already collected 15% of our budget. This wouldn not have been possible without your support!

Now we ask everyone, especially those who just heard about our project, to spread the word and donate (button on top right!) – it’s easy, you can chose bank transfer or credit card payments.

Lets try to get to double our donations by December 10th!

Together we can change a lot!!

Thanks Juli for the christmas cookies fundraiser!!

Thanks to Julia Raupp for herunbelievable effort!! She baked more that 1000 cookies and sold them at the Vienna University for Business and Economics for an amazing 210 €!!!

Thanks for the big Donation!

Thanks to Ingrid Haferl and Dr. Erich Irschik for a donation of 250 € each!! That is a big kick start for us!! Thank you so much for 500€!!!