News from Togo – They are getting the site ready

We received an Email from Katy today:

Also I had a great day today and I had to tell you. So last week I
went to see the CEG site to take photos. The site is definitely big
enough but I was a little surprised to see that it was basically
covered in jungle plants. I got a little worried wondering how long
it would take to clear this land – honestly it looked like it could
take a month – and thought I would talk to the community about
starting to clear it now. I was in a hurry so I didnt talk to anyone
that day thinking I would go this Saturday to talk to them.

So flash forward to yesterday when the cheif called me and said they
wanted to show me something and asked if I could come today. So I
went today to Salimde and they brought me to the site. Thommy they
had cleared the entire thing without me even mentioning it. I just
stood there in shock. They said they wanted to show me how motivated
the were so that I would know they were behind the project. I still
dont know how they cleared it all so fast.

With all the work you are doing I thought you would like to hear that.

I think this should give us even more motivation!!!!

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