Our third school has opened!

After just a few months of construction we were able to open our third school in May 2013.
The team of Education Togo travelled to Haloukpabound, Togo, to participate in the opening ceremonies. With a large festivity, the community and chiefs celebrated with us the inaughuration of the school.

On the place where before there were just a few simple huts for the various classes, stands now a freshly erected school with 4 classrooms and a teacher’s room. The building is now housing around 200 children ‚Äì our experience shows that soon it will be even more.

For the second time, we were able to provide a school with electricity from the very beginning. A powerful solar system provides illumination of all classrooms. This means that pupils can also go to their school on evenings to study or do their homework. Since Togo is close to the equator, it becomes dark very early in the day throughout the year and the illumination provides a relief for the children who used to use candles or kerosene lamps for their studies.

Additionally, the electricity can be used to charge phones and other small appliances – the school is already a meeting point for pupils from dawn til late in the evening.

In several speeches, the village chiefs and the county chief thanked Education Togo and the Peace Corps for their effort and underlined the importance of education especially for middle school pupils, since there are not enough schools in Togo to house all of them.