IT training and scholarships

In addition to building schools we also provide the local communities in Togo with extra trainings and financial support for educational purposes. Here are two updates on these topics:

  1. In Togo, especially girls don’t always have the opportunity to get proper education due to cultural and financial reasons. However, as we want to make sure that families also send girls to school, we continued our scholarship programme which we initiated in 2011 and recently provided 290 girls with scholarships for the upcoming school term. See pictures of some of these girls below!
  2. As every year during the summer holidays, we organised a computer training for 30 young girls from our communities. At this training the girls learned how to use a computer, how to read and write e-mails and how to create Microsoft Office documents in order to have the ability to write applications, research the World Wide Web and communicate with other people around the globe. See pictures of the training below!