A teachers’ story

Tchilalo Yelegue
Principal, history &geography
professor at CEG Salimdé.

Tchilalo Yeleque was one of the first teachers joining the education team at C.E.G. Salimde, our first school built in Sokode (Togo) in 2011. She is not only principal of the school but also teaches children in history and geography.

Her story is truly special as it is something exceptional that a woman is working in such a positions in Togo, as women often have to face inequality. For us at Education Togo it not only is our mission to educate children and young people in Africa, but also to fight inequality and support women to get treated with respect and find jobs in their communities. So let us hear her story and what education and the support of Education Togo for her community means to her:

“Hello, my name is Tchilalo Yelegue! I am a history and geography teacher at CEG Salimdé. Education- Togo has provided my community with a wonderful school building in 2011. Since then, Education Togo has kept providing us with scholarships for our girls and with school supplies. Additionally, the have held IT training courses and several workshops on topics including the importance of education, health and hygiene etc., for our students.

In my area, one of the biggest educational problems is that families regard schooling for girls as less important than for boys. Girls are sent to Nigeria or Benin to find work, often they are forced to get married or they are simply kept at home in order to help their mothers with the housework. Many of the girls get pregnant very early. Thanks to the scholarships and the ongoing support that Education Togo provides to our school, the people in our community have started changing their mindset. Now, many of the scholarship holders are among the best of our classes! I am very happy to witness this promising development.