Batik girls network

The beauty of batik fabrics comes from creating unique patterns painted together by the skilled hands of an expert mind. By pulling together single prints this technique generates every time marvelous combinations of bright colors and rare images forever stamped in the texture.

In the past 2 years we supported and encouraged a total of 4 girls in following a professional training in batik. In the first year, Sadia and Mounifa from Sokode successfully graduated from the batik center, in the following year it was Bienvenue and Josephine from Yara Kabye.

As batik fabrics teach us, the single parts can build something greater only when mutual collaboration comes into play. And since we strongly believe in the fundamental necessity of fostering dialogue and exchange within the region, in the beginning of January, we invited the two girls from Yara Kabye to visit the two girls in Sokode.
The day proved to be fruitful right away as they had the chance to exchange views and practices on the batik dyeing technique and reproduce some of their favorite designs.

In February, the two Sokode girls will travel to Yara Kabye for another batik day in the hope of new insights and more useful exchanges. Not only are the girls happy to learn during these encounters, but they also become active players in developing a stronger community and a better network.