Latrines at C.E.G. Salimde

Our school C.E.G Salimde was in urgent need of Latrines for their school building, since in the past years both, students and teachers, had no place where they could go to the toilet – so they ended up having to do their business in the bushes around the school. While for boys this might not be as big of an issue, especially for girls this is not a very healthy and clean environment. Therefore, in the first quarter of 2018, we started planning the construction of Latrines next to the school building so now, everyone can go to the toilet in a cleaner and more private manner. Hence, our goal to ensure the provision of basic human needs that support the everyday school life of our students is achieved once again. Luckily, we were even able to be part of the opening ceremony while we were on our Education Togo team trip around the country visiting our communities in May 2018.

See below pictures of the construction process and the opening ceremony of the new Latrine building.