School is ready!

Amazing things happened the last weeks – the school has been painted and finalized and is now ready to be populated! Katy sent us a couple of pictures showing the progress – the elders have already inspected the site themselves to make sure everything is well.

Roof is on the building

So, the school is moving along pretty well. We had a little delay because there was no cement in Sokode for a couple of weeks, but we just got some a couple of days ago so it’s moving again. Anyway, they have just put the doors on each class and will start painting next week. […]

Welcome Ceremony in Sokode

See where your money went

Pictures from the construction site

We will start in a few days!!

We will start with the foundation within the next days!!!

2010 in review – absolutely amazing!

Happy new year to everyone and a big THANK YOU for all the donations that are going to make our endeavour possible! Amazingly enough, we crashed through the EUR 10,000 barrier over new years eve!

Over 9,000 Euro collected – in just a couple of weeks!

Thanks to everyone who donated so far! We have exciting news – we have broken the 9,000 Euro barrier and are inching towards the 10,000 Euro!

Christmas Donation

Thanks to the employees and the partners of Contrast Management Consulting

Merry Christmas

Thank you for 50% and merry Xmas