Amazing!! 4.000!! What a weekend!!

We hit the 4.000 Euro- More than 25% in less than 2 weeks!!

WOHOOO!! 3.000 Euros raised

Thank you all for donating 3.000 Euro!!!

Thanks for Karlis Graduation

Thanks for 50€ graduation present!

we are now on –

News from Togo – They are getting the site ready

The site for the school has already been cleared up and the community is getting ready for the start of the construction!!

Thank you!!! More than 2.000 € in 5 days

We have collected 2.177 Euros in 5 days. This is an amazing start! Thanks to all of you!! Let’s go on like this!!!

Thanks Juli for the christmas cookies fundraiser!!

Thanks Julia for the cookies you baked and sold for an amazing 210 €!!!

Thanks for the big Donation!

500 € from Ingrid Haferl and Dr. Erich Irschik! Thank you!!!

New Webpage

Thank you INTERNETKULTUR for the new amazing website.

November 26th – Thanks for the great start

November 26th – Thanks for the great start Thanks for all the wonderful starting initiatives and the personal fundraisers… This is just one example of how great our friends get involved and support us! √ñH Med Uni Vienna Fundraiser Box Thanks so much to all of you!!!