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Our third School Project – C.E.G. Haloukpabound

The rural village of Haloukpabound was in desperate need of a new middle school. The village is 10 km away from the nearest middle school, which makes it impossible for the students to walk. In 2013, Education Togo provided the community with a schoolbuilding. This building has not only motivated students to work harder, but it has also encouraged parents to continue supporting their children’s education. It hasgiven the students a place where they can study (thanks to the solar installation also in the evenings) and has created the space for more effective school education by eliminating distraction from the surroundings.

  • Year


  • Place

    Haloukpabound (Togo)

  • Cost

    €20.000 (including the solar system)

  • Size

    300 Children

During the project we were really impressed by the motivation of the community and the devotion they showed towards improving their children’s education. They were aware of the consequencesthe lack of education has on their community, because generations had gone without it. The community wanted their children to have the same opportunities that children in other regions of the continent and in other countries have. Without education children have chances are that children neverrise out of poverty. The ultimate goal of this projectwas to provide the community with the means needed to educate their children. Improving their learning environment would in turn substantially improve the quality of theireducation.

The village of Haloukpabound consists of 2500 people and is located 10 km away from the nearest electrified town. Most people are cultivators. Their main crops are corn, peanut, millet and sorghum, yams. Moreover, people are very poor. A committee had been working on creating a space wherechildren’s educationcan take place. They had succeeded in acquiring money to pay for four volunteer teachers, one trained teacher and one director from the government. With the help of Education Togo, they were able to replace the half-finished mud building that had been used as a school building and held a total of 294 students by a proper school.

Here you can see the pictures of the school opening: