Sustainable solar energy systems

Large parts of rural Togo are not connected to the electricity grid. We are trying to change this as much as we can. We have installedsolar energy systems in our schools in Bougabou and in Haloukpaboundou. These are the only sources of electricity in those villages within 10km, which increases the importance of the schools as central social institutions serving the community as a whole. They are not only used as simple schools, but students also have the possibility toread and study in the evenings. Also other crucial community meetings are held in the electrifiedschool buildings.

In order to cover future maintenance costs while increasing the community¬¥s financial autonomy, we have facilitatedsmall entrepreneurial projects that respondto the needs of the population: The schools run small “mobile phone charging centers” , where people can charge their mobile phones at the school in exchange for a small fee that is collected and contributes to the budget for future maintenance of the solar system.