Scholarships for 260 girls in our 5 schools

This year, Education Togo has awarded a total of 260 scholarships to girls at our 5 schools (CEG Salimdè, CEG Bougabou, CEG Haloukpaboundou, CEG Kalangha and CEG Yara Kabiyè).


These scholarships cover the tuition fees and the necessary school supplies, such as books, exercise books, pencils, a school bag and school uniform. In order to avoid misuse, scholarships are not paid to the families but granted in material formto specificstudents, who are chosen according to their performance at school and the indigence of the respective family.


Since school education after primary school is not fully financed by the government, families have to pay tuition fees for their kids to go to school. In many cases families can only afford to send one of their kids to school which is often the oldest son. Furthermore, girls are much more likely to drop out of school due to early pregnancy, child labour, child trafficking or simply because they often have to help their parents raise their smaller siblings, keep the house and the farm. That leaves a lot of girls uneducated – which is why Education Togo started the scholarship program.


One scholarship amounts to around EUR 25-30 in total per year.

If you want to support us to grant all these scholarships again (or even more) next year, we would be very thankful for your donation:


IBAN = AT371515000501237465, BIC = OBKLAT2L ( Please include your e-mail address in the transfer!) Thank you!!!

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