Education Togo goes Togo!

In May this year, we finally made it to Togo again! Three of our team members travelled to Togo in order to visit our schools and communities – and to take part at the opening ceremony of our latrines at C.E.G. Salimde.

During our visits, we were able to talk to students, teachers as well as parents. One main goal of our trip was to keep forwarding our key message to our students – which is that a good education is very important and it can help you achieve all of your dreams, no matter how poor or how rich you grow up. However, it was also important to us to not only transfer this message to students only, but also to their parents in order to have them support their children in this matter. Teachers presented us with the latest developments in their schools and gave us insights into current matters in and around daily school life. At the moment, electricity, water and school material (especially books) are the biggest concerns of schools in Togo. With electricity, they could improve the teaching conditions in the evenings, for example during seminars or tutoring units. A school fountain would provide the school community with direct access to water so they don’t have to walk many kilometres for the next accessible well. At last, having enough books available is essential to ensure effective teaching.

In addition to the school visits, we also met up with other organisations in order to talk about potential sponsoring projects and collaborations.

We came back to Austria with lots of new ideas and projects for the future and hopefully you can see the results very soon. See below some pictures of our amazing trip! 🙂