Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

The year is coming to an end & we at Education Togo want to say thank you to all our supporters this year! We are really grateful for your help and very proud of what we achieved in 2017. There are already many new things planned for next year and we can’t wait to show you our ideas!


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Education Togo is hiring!

We are currently looking for a volunteer intern to help us with administrative tasks, fundraising activities and a lot of other interesting projects. Have a look at our job advertisement and feel free to contact us ( if you are interested:


Education Togo_Inserat_Praktikum (PDF)


Come be part of our amazing team! We are looking forward to your applications! 🙂








Inauguration of our new school in Gassi-Gassi

On October 11th, our sixth middle school in Togo finally opened its doors. We are very proud to present you “C.E.G. Gassi-Gassi”, a school located in the centre of Togo.

The project was carried out with the help of a local architect, the community of Gassi-Gassi and the US Peace Corps Organisation (who also contributed a share of the costs). Thanks to innovative ideas of the new architect we now have an even better, more efficient and sustainable school building for our students.

Feel free to have a look at the school on our website ( to find out more details about the project.







IT training and scholarships

In addition to building schools we also provide the local communities in Togo with extra trainings and financial support for educational purposes. Here are two updates on these topics:

  1. In Togo, especially girls don’t always have the opportunity to get proper education due to cultural and financial reasons. However, as we want to make sure that families also send girls to school, we continued our scholarship programme which we initiated in 2011 and recently provided 290 girls with scholarships for the upcoming school term. See pictures of some of these girls below!
  2. As every year during the summer holidays, we organised a computer training for 30 young girls from our communities. At this training the girls learned how to use a computer, how to read and write e-mails and how to create Microsoft Office documents in order to have the ability to write applications, research the World Wide Web and communicate with other people around the globe. See pictures of the training below!







Cooperation with “The Force”

This year, we had an exciting cooperation with another Vienna-based NGO working in Togo. Our partners at “The Force” have recently opened their first Education Center in Kpalimé which offers free diploma courses for girls in Tailoring and Batik. We at Education Togo got the opportunity to send two of our former students to this center and they are very motivated and excited to begin their 12-months education. The costs of the training are covered by The Force, all living expenses for the girls (around 540€/girl in total) will be paid by two of our private sponsors whom we hereby want to thank very kindly. This training will give the girls an opportunity to find a good job in the future and – above all – to live an independent life on their own. If you are interested in more information about this project, visit the website or the Facebook page of “Tailoring Togo”.

(Photo: The Force)






Scholarships for 260 girls in our 5 schools

This year, Education Togo has awarded a total of 260 scholarships to girls at our 5 schools (CEG Salimdè, CEG Bougabou, CEG Haloukpaboundou, CEG Kalangha and CEG Yara Kabiyè).


These scholarships cover the tuition fees and the necessary school supplies, such as books, exercise books, pencils, a school bag and school uniform. In order to avoid misuse, scholarships are not paid to the families but granted in material form to specific students, who are chosen according to their performance at school and the indigence of the respective family.


Since school education after primary school is not fully financed by the government, families have to pay tuition fees for their kids to go to school. In many cases families can only afford to send one of their kids to school which is often the oldest son. Furthermore, girls are much more likely to drop out of school due to early pregnancy, child labour, child trafficking or simply because they often have to help their parents raise their smaller siblings, keep the house and the farm. That leaves a lot of girls uneducated – which is why Education Togo started the scholarship program.


One scholarship amounts to around EUR 25-30 in total per year.

If you want to support us to grant all these scholarships again (or even more) next year, we would be very thankful for your donation:


IBAN = AT371515000501237465, BIC = OBKLAT2L ( Please include your e-mail address in the transfer!) Thank you!!!

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First harvest coming soon &#127807

Despite torrential rainfall and storms in the past weeks teachers and pupils took good care of their school garden which was established in February. Every time after heavy precipitation the destroyed parts of the fence were replaced tirelessly to protect seedlings and growing vegetables from herds of cattle and many wild animals roaming in the area.







Our 5th school building has been completed!

We have successfully completed our latest school project in the central region of Togo! With this in mind, we seize the opportunity to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for all the participants and especially our main donor ROTARY CLUB GRIESKIRCHEN for its financial support and the good collaboration. THANK YOU!
If you like to know more about the village Yara Kabyè and the significance of this new school building for its inhabitants, please read the following article:

C.E.G. before and after

C.E.G. Yara Kabyè before and after



Bon anniversaire Education Togo au Togo!

On 13th February hundreds of people gathered to celebrate Education Togo’s fifth anniversary! And which location could have been better than C.E.G. Salimdé – the middle school where it all began… Due to the close cooperation with the local communities and the Peace Corps and of course the financial and moral support of our friends, families and sponsors we were able to build 5 schools in 5 years. The festivities were triggered off by various workshops for some of our female scholarship holders and discussion groups about future development strategies, and reached their climax at the huge party on Saturday morning: The school girls not only performed an amazing ballet and traditional dances but also presented a sketch about one of the major problems – forced marriage. Also, due to the long distance between schools, it was the first time that all directors met each other and could exchange ideas about future activities.


Here some happy birthday memories from the Togolese side of Education Togo:


IMG_4430 IMG_4445 IMG_4457 IMG_4473

Happy 5th Birthday, Education Togo!

Rather than starting with what we have achieved during these five years, we first would like to thank each and everyone who has been supporting us in making  Education Togo what it is today – a success story! It would not have been possible without you, THANK YOU!

With your help we were able to build 4 schools with a further one being under construction, finance a library and an internet café and install an electricity generating solar system, fund scholarships and all in all took a huge step forward in realizing our vision to improve the education of children and young people in Togo. Looking back five years, this all seemed but a dream. (For those of you, who do not know how it all began, please read the “how it all began” section, here:

To commemorate our collective achievements and to celebrate the anniversary, we invited you to the Education Togo birthday party on 21st January 2016 at VinziRast (which we also believe to be a really good initiative, for further information please visit  Besides the happy celebrations, we also informed about our past and present projects and gave an outlook on what is yet to be achieved.

Again, many thanks for your support during these amazing five years and we are very much looking forward to continue on the road to further improve education in Togo – and we would be very happy if you will accompany us on this mission!

Last but not least, here some happy memories from the 5th birthday party:

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